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380 Auto Handgun Ammo

380 Auto Ammunition For Sale- Top Brands Available

380 Auto Ammunition, also called .380 Auto ammo is available for sale at Cheap Ammos.

We offers you discounted prices & great selection of bulk ammo for defence & target shooting. We have ammo for sale with FMJ and lead bullets that are great for target and range shooting at some of the lowest prices available online.

We carry 9mm, 10mm, 40s&w, 45acp, 45 colt, and 44 magnum for personal protection and home defense.

Introduced in 1908 by Colt, 380 ACP is not a high-energy round, but its accuracy makes it suitable for self protection, especially since recoil and muzzle blast are moderate.

The bullets feed well and the firearms chambered for this round are as dependable as most other semi-automatic pistol rounds. The .380 ACP has become the standard minimum chambering for military, law enforcement, and self-defense rounds.

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380 Auto Ammo Handgun Ammo