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243 Win Rifle Ammo

243 Win Ammo is one of the famous sporting rifle cartridge. Mostly used for animals such as coyotes, blacktail deer, whitetail deer, mule deer, pronghorns, and wild hogs.

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243 Win Rifle Ammo

Introduced in 1955 and first chambered in the Winchester Model 70. It is one of the most popular sporting calibers in the US. The .243 Win is well-liked for its dependable performance, flat trajectories, and relatively low felt recoil. It is very popular with target shooters, metallic silhouette, and long range shooters, because of its accuracy and low recoil.

Bullets for the .243 are made in powerpoint and soft point types, with bullet weights commonly ranging between 55 and 115 grains. Muzzle velocity starts at about 2,800 feet per second at the low end, and peaks at a near 3,900 feet per second, putting muzzle energies between 1,700 and 2,600 foot pounds.

Known for its efficiency, the .243 cartridge enjoys a positive reputation to this day. With all major American ammo manufacturers selling the caliber with a large array of bullet weights and types.